LJ High efficiency pumping agent

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LJ High efficiency pumping agent

Application: it is applicable to premixed pumping concrete, commercial concrete, mass concrete, large mobility concrete, self-compacting concrete and impermeable concrete.
This product is directly added to concrete together with mixing water for use.
When mixed with expansion agent, the stirring time should be prolonged by 30 seconds.


The product is a brown red liquid with stable chemical properties, non-toxic and non-combustible, and has no corrosion effect on steel bar. The product index meets the standard of concrete pumping agent in (GB8076-2008).

The suitable dosage of this product is 1.0-2.5%, and the recommended dosage is 1.5% (measured by the gravity of gelling material). The best dosage depends on the construction status and concrete strength grade, which are determined by tests.

Adding the product with the recommended dosage into the concrete can reduce the water rate by more than 16%, which can save more than 16% of the cement consumption loss. At the same time of water consumption, slump added value> 120mm, 30min slump retention value> 170mm, 60min slump retention value> 150 mmt28 day compressive strength ratio> 110%.

It can obviously improve the workability, water retention and pumping property of concrete, improve the strength of concrete and improve the physical properties of concrete such as fracture resistance, permeability resistance and frost resistance.


Keep it indoors for a long time. Please stir it up when using it. It is valid for half a year in the sealed state. It can still be used after passing the test if it exceeds the validity period.

Standard: the product index meets the standard of concrete pumping agent in (GB8076-2008)