Antifreeze pump agent

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Antifreeze pump agent

Area Applicable
It is suitable for ready-mixed pumping concrete, commercial concrete, mass concrete, large mobility concrete, self-compacting concrete and impermeable concrete.
This product is directly added to concrete together with mixing water for use.
When mixed with expansion agent, the stirring time should be prolonged by 30 seconds.


This product is brown red liquid with stable chemical properties, non-toxic, non-combustible, non-crystalline in winter and no corrosion effect on steel bar. According to the purpose and requirements of use, the suitable dosage of this product is 2.0%-3.0%, and the recommended dosage is 2.5% (based on the cement dosage). The best dosage depends on the construction situation and concrete strength grade test.

Adding the product with the recommended dosage into the concrete, the water reducing rate is above 19%, which can save more than 19% of the cement dosage. It can obviously improve the workability, water retention and pumping property of concrete, improve the strength of concrete and improve the physical properties of concrete such as fracture resistance, permeability resistance and frost resistance.

This product has strong adaptability to various kinds of cement, especially the effect of double mixing with superfine mineral admixture.
After the product is measured correctly, add the cement into the blender and stir at the same time, and stir evenly when using.
Low temperature antifreezing effect is good, can be normal construction above minus 10 °C, does not affect the quality of the project. after use, it should be covered with straw bags and so on to prevent the negative temperature below zero 10 °C directly after standing for 3-4 hours after molding.
When mixed with expansion agent, the stirring time should be prolonged by 30 seconds.
1000kg IBC, or tank truck for transportation
Long-term storage should be indoor, with a shelf life of half a year in sealed state, and can only be used after passing the test after exceeding the shelf life
The product index meets the standard of "concrete antifreeze pump" in (JG/T377-2012).