LJ Concrete Strengthening agent

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LJ Concrete Strengthening agent

This product is applicable to ready-mixed commercial concrete, fluid concrete, high-grade impermeability concrete, high-strength concrete, steam curing concrete, Marine anti-corrosion concrete and clear water concrete with high finishing requirements, etc.
Packing and transportation:1000KG IBC or tank truck

Mechanism and function  

This product is made of silica fume powder, superfine silica, wrought kaolin and so on. It is a kind of milky white paste extracted under water grinding, and it is a new additive formed by compound reaction with other polymer materials. It has strong reactivity, the interface area between aggregate and cement paste which can be fully distributed to concrete is mixed into concrete, and the hydration of SI02 and AL203 with cement is fully stimulated to generate Ca (OH)

Hydration occurs many times to produce CSH gel, making CSH gel several times more than ordinary concrete, thus greatly improving the strength, durability, corrosion resistance and other properties of concrete.

Dosage method

The dosage is 0.6 ~ of the weight of gelling material ~ 1.0%, the best dosage should be subject to the test results. This product has good adaptability and compatibility with other additives, and can be directly mixed with other additives for stirring without prolonging the stirring time.

Note: the container must be sealed to prevent exposure. The shelf life is six months.

Main performance

1. The appearance of this product is light red or colorless liquid, with stable chemical properties, non-toxic, non-combustible, non-crystalline, non-precipitated and non-corrosive to steel bars.
2. Compared with the benchmark concrete, the cement dosage can be reduced by 12 ~ 20%, its 28-day strength can still increase.
3. Fully stimulate the mechanism of each gelling material, thus promoting multiple hydration to form CSH gel

Table 1 performance index of tested concrete

Table 2 homogeneity index